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Branded Title in Houston, TX at Ax Auto Inc

At America's Xtreme Autos we are the upcoming pioneers of selling branded titles. Two brothers Adam and Abrar grew up in the car industry from a young age Adam 16 and Abrar 15. They used to attend auctions and saw how people and big car dealerships use to pay top dollar for cars just because they were announced as clean title and clean Carfax. However, with time they learned Carfax and clean title was just a game to get consumers to pay more money. They found thousands of cars in auction that had clean Carfax but clearly had major damage that wasn't reported but because Carfax and the title didn't say anything, so no one knew. That's when the brothers found a market for branded title cars. Cars that were announced with damage so they could know what was wrong and customers could also know what was wrong to the car before they retailed it. All branded title cars sold by our dealership have original pictures from the insurance company. We focus on cars with very minimal to no damage at all. Insurance companies are large, so some cars slip under the radar and the brothers have trained buyers ready to scoop up the car. The brothers started at a young age back in 2010 with over 10 years under their belts in the auto industry their focus on quality and consumers have led them to growing from 10 cars to over 400 cars. They must be doing something right with their cars and Customers. Clients of ours have found that by purchasing vehicles like this they save thousands of dollars off retail book prices which means they minimize their total loss over time by paying less up front. The undeniable fact about car ownership is that no matter what you buy, it will depreciate over time. So, the key is to then purchase at the lowest price possible.

Let us repeat that statement one more time (because it really is something to consider): THE KEY IS TO PURCHASE AT THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE THUS MINIMIZING YOUR TOTAL LOSS OVER TIME.

WHAT IS A BRANDED TITLE CAR? A branded title car is a vehicle that was purchased at an insurance auction for various reasons (such as hail damage, theft, damage, etc). Here at America's Xtreme we only deal with a small percentage of these cars that meet our strict standards. The vehicles that arrive to our onsite state of the art repair facility are brought back to factory specifications and standards. Therefore, we are growing at such a huge rate and most dealerships can't come close to our price and quality of cars. We only deal with quality makes and models and our professional repair facilities can fix anything.


  • Huge savings of $5,000 - $15,000 depending on the type of car you purchase
  • You can buy a newer car for less money - your dollar goes further! You can get the best package car that you couldn't afford for less than what you wanted to spend
  • You lose less money over time as your car depreciates (like every other car out there) because you paid less to begin by purchasing a branded title car instead of retail-priced clean title car
  • You can finance them at the same rates through our finance department as clean title cars
  • You can purchase an extended warranty for almost any car on our lot
  • Know the history of the vehicle you are purchasing through America's X-treme Autos with our thorough and extensive inspection process that each of our cars goes through

"How can I finance a branded title car?"

Yes, in fact, you can. We have secured banks through our hard work of providing consumers with excellent cars that banks have opened their doors for us because of the outstanding business we continue to do

So let us show you some advantages of buying from US:

  • You save thousands of dollars at the time of purchase vs. what you would pay at a retail dealer • You can finance our branded title vehicles at the same rates you would finance any clean title car
  • We work with the leading lending institutions in the US to get you ROCK BOTTOM rates
  • We also work with other financial institutions for those who have less than perfect credit

What does this mean for you?


"Will a branded title vehicle be as safe and reliable as a clean title vehicle?"

When you purchase a vehicle from America's Xtreme Autos you can be assured that the car has gone through our stringent pre-inspection process by two different inspectors. On top of that we also have them inspected by the certified state inspectors to ensure their safety and reliability meets the legal requirements.

When you purchase a branded title car from an insurance auction or another dealer selling rebuilt cars, you have no way to be sure how the car was repaired, whether or not factor quality parts were used, and who inspected the vehicle after it was repaired (if at all).

Below is the process our vehicles go through at America's Xtreme Autos before we approve them for sale:

  • Initial inspection is done by our trained buyers at the auction
  • Once car arrives to our facility our team of 30 highly certified people go through and check the car
  • Once repairs are done each car is tested for 50+ miles
  • Then we have each vehicle inspected independently by the state inspector to pass their rigid safety inspection program to ensure each vehicle is roadworthy and approved for registration.

"How do I get a warranty on a branded title car?"

Once again - YES, in fact, you can! America's Xtreme Autos has developed great relationships with companies that open their arms for us

So let us recap MORE of the advantages of buying from America's Xtreme Autos

  • You save thousands of dollars at the time of purchase vs. what you would pay at a retail dealer
  • You can finance our rebuilt/restored branded title vehicles at the same rates you would finance any clean title car
  • You can purchase factory-like coverage starting day one on almost any rebuilt/restored branded title vehicle for up to 72 months/100,000 miles

So there you have it.